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Clocking in Machines / Self Calculating / Heavy Duty / Battery Operated


Basic clocking in machines have been around for years in all shapes and sizes.

The machine stamps the time and date, these are collected at the end of the
pay period and calculated by payroll personnel.


Self Calculating time clocks add up the employees time per day, together
with a constant running total of hours worked.


Heavy Duty time recorders, built to last. Capable of serving high volumes
of staff.


Time Attendance Systems


Computerised Time and Attendance eliminates the need for clock cards and
the manual calculation on a weekly/monthly basis. Not only will this eliminate human error we can also reduce the amount of time taken in payroll administration by directly exporting the hours into Payroll packages such as Sage, Pegasus & over 60 other Payroll programmes.


Absence monitoring, training records, disciplinary, health & safety can all be administered through a multi user application with a full reporting suite for management analysis.




Time Stamp Recorders / Garage Stamps

These can be either used as an time and attendance recorder or a time and
date stamp
. These machines have a horizontal opening and will stamp onto
single or multiple sheets.









Access Control


As well as numerous Time and Attendance software packages to suit your requirements
and budget. We can also offer a variety of hardware options from Magnetic Swipe Card terminals, Proximity, Finger Print, Hand Punch and Hand Scan Biometric terminals.

All of these options can also be utilised for Access Control either stand alone or linked to
the Time and Attendance software for ease of user administration and reporting.





Payroll Linking Software


Payroll Pay-Links are simple but powerful bridge's between Time and Attendance and your Payroll package. They read the data from Time and Attendance and then write it straight into a choice of over 80 payroll programs, including:

  • Sage Payroll / Sage Professional / Sage Line 100/200.
  • Pegasus Opera.
  • Earnie Classic.
  • Access Accounting Payroll.

Say “Goodbye” to endless hours of keyboard data input. Payroll Pay-Links will slash your payroll processing time and costs to almost nothing, and prevent many payroll errors before they happen. With Payroll Pay-Links, your employees are as good as paid.

ID Card Systems / ID Bureau


We offer a full range of ID Printers to suit any size organisation and budget.


Our ID Bureau Service will provide a quick and easy solution for companies that cannot justify the purchase of an in-house system to produce their ID / Security Cards therefore allowing them to have the most up to date technology in card design.





Watchman Patrol Systems


How do you monitor your security personnel, and know they are completing all their tours at the correct time? Watchman Patrol Systems allow you to accurately monitor the times of tours and when key areas have been checked.







Wall Clocks & Dials


Wisegrove Limited supply a wide range of wall clocks & dials to many market areas, inc:


  • Offices.
  • Schools / Colleges.
  • Banks.
  • Factories / Warehouses.
  • Hospitals.
  • Sports halls.
  • Swimming pools.


Time and Attendance Consumables


Wisegrove stock a wide range of consumables, including:


  • Time Cards / Badge Racks.
  • Swipe & Proximity Cards.
  • Fobs and Hard Shells.
  • Proximity & Magnetic Readers.
  • Bells, Master Time Controls.
  • Access Control Consumables.
  • Biometric Readers.
  • ID Accessories.