• workforce time management solutions

    Workforce Time Management Solutions

    We are a UK based market leader in developing and supplying thousands of Workforce management solutions to SME’s and large companies in a wide variety of industries for over 30 years.

  • ActIn Time Software

    ActIn Time Software

    ActIn Time is a comprehensive Workforce Management Solution that includes modules for HR, Attendance, Absence management, Access, Flexitime, Fire Roll Call, Job Costing, Mobile workforce....

  • ActIn Time hardware range

    ActIn Time Hardware Range

    Extensive range of clocking hardware available i.e. Touch screen terminals, finger biometrics, face scanning, handpunch, swipe card...

  • Access Control

    Access Control

    Built in Access Control software enables clients to monitor and restrict staff movements through barriers, gates, turnstiles, doors...

  • ESS Mobile Workforce

    ESS Mobile Workforce

    With more and more employees having hand held internet devices, Employee and Supervisor Self Service is more popular than ever.

  • Payroll Linking

    Payroll Linking

    Transfer your payroll at a click of a button to your payroll software or external payroll bureau.

  • Fire Roll Call

    Fire Roll Call

    Automatic Alerts to show who is ON/OFF
    site when a Fire Alarm is activated at each site.

  • Jobcosting Analysis

    Jobcosting Analysis

    Monitor and report on critical areas of any business to report on how long money making tasks have taken.